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Pet Snow Party

Pet Snow Party

Regular Price: $2,449.00

Special Price $1,749.00

Pet Snow Party

Pet Snow Party

Regular Price: $2,449.00

Special Price $1,749.00

Availability: Out of stock

Regular Price: $2,449.00

Special Price $1,749.00

Hey, thinking of launching a great new app?

This is the right place to be!

This amazing new game was built and designed just for you. Once you buy it’s completely yours to keep and it will be removed from the marketplace.

Hurry Up!

It’s a one-time purchase, so take this opportunity before someone else does.

Entertain your users with this match-three game with a Pet theme! The users will engage themselves in an adventure that can either be a time-killer at doctor’s waiting room or a restless competition for high scores with friends on Facebook.

This user-ready app will absolutely catch the eye on the app store, given it’s joyful, high-quality graphics.

The main goal is to score high enough points to get stars and unlock the next level, leaving the user always thirsty for more!

On the start Screen the player will find himself on a world with a map path, starting on the first one. Also, on the starting screen, the player will find four buttons, one on each corner of the screen:

  • Remaining lives, one new life is made every half an hour.

  • Gems remaining: the candy are the in-app currency and can be bought through in-app purchases, in this same button

  • Facebook icon: share score on Facebook

  • Settings button: displays options of sound and how to play tutorials

When starting each level, a screen will appear where the goal of the level is explained and boosters can be chosen (for a price)  and then the play button.

On the level’s screen, the player will find:

  • On top: the score, the target, stars thermometer and moves left

  • On the bottom: The level and 4 booster options(in-app purchase)

When achieving the goal, a screen appears with the score, best score record, stars achieved, and two buttons of action, one to go to the next level and other to Share on Facebook. Then a pop-up appears to offer the player to rate the app

  • Boosters and bonus reward available: this one's really come handy when facing challenging levels. Some require in-app payments

  • A hundred top-notch levels created by our incredibly talented graphic designers and developers

  • If desired, users may share their progress with facebook and compete along their friends for high scores

  • "Rate us" button

  • Five game obstacles (Block/Double block, Solid block, Undestroyable block, Wire Block, Thriving block);

  • Three game features like stripe items, package and colorful bomb bonuses;

  • It’s easy but addictive nature will satisfy both the casual player and the loyal recurrent player

  • In-app purchases disabled



  • Switch the Gems to match 3 or more, choose your moves wisely!

  • Plan your strategy ahead! The less moves you make, higher the score you'll get. If you are good enough, you can achieve all three stars.

  • Use boosters to get leverage on tough levels (Fees may apply)


  • Unity ads for ios, android SDK 1.5.3:  player can refill his life or gems after watching the video ads

  • Chartboost SDK 5.5.3

  • Admob SDK 2.3.1

  • The App is Cross platform and compatible with Unity3D version 5.0 and higher

    After your purchase our dedicated project manager will contact you in order to:

    • Proceed with all the necessary steps to transfer the rights of usage of the game

    • Provide the support you need

    • Walk you through the process of sending the submission to the App Store or Google Play.

    We make it fun to launch your Game, hassle-free, and you don't even need any coding or design technical skills.

    If you have any questions prior to your purchase, feel free to contact us through the chat box on the bottom-right of the page.

    Remember that once you buy it, it would no longer be available for anyone else, you will be the only owner of the app.


    Best Value


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